About Us

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CamAnaiStrings collects used stringed instruments (violin, viola, cello, bass), repairs them, and donates them to students of local elementary schools, after school programs, and youth orchestras within the South Florida communities.

Nana and Cameren

Our Mission


CamAnaiStrings was founded by then 14 year old violist Cameren Anai Williams in the Spring of 2014. Ever since Cameren was a little child, she also had an interest in building and/or fixing different stringed instruments.

Since starting on the violin at the age of 5 at her elementary school, U. B. Kinsey Elementary School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida, Cameren always had an interest in how her instrument was made and how the sound was produced.

Cameren found her passion on the viola at the age of 10 after her mom purchased a viola to play in addition to her violin. It was evident that she was extremely talented on the viola but initially lacked the resources to purchase a good quality viola. Thanks to her Nana (and donations from other family members), Cameren currently plays on a 1980 “Kinu Inge” Hiroshi Iizuka traditional 16 ½ viola made by Mr. Iizuka paying homage to his oldest daughter, Kinu Inge. 

However, Cameren started to wonder how were talented kids like herself able to get good quality instruments without having a Nana? This began the journey to collect string instruments, repair them, eventually build them, and donate them to those talented kids!

Welcome to the birth of CamAnaiStrings....

Simply put, our mission is devoted to providing stringed instruments to talented young, aspiring musicians who need them.

Master Luthier, Hiroshi Iizuka examining his 16 1/2 viola made in 1980, named Kinu Inge named after his oldest daughter.